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BEIJING – May 25th, 2017 -- Available worldwide for iOS and Android (China included), LAWO is a new style and fashion advisory app platform providing social feeds, style and fashion related blogs, and online ratings and advice from professional stylists (free and for hire), fashion professionals, and everyday people. Select fashion professionals are also invited to list with a certified account, which includes Fashion Pro (stylist), Designer, Blogger, Brand, Model, and Photographer. Display screens such as Following, Trending, and Ranking can be customized by the user via a filter selection of various user types and fashion categories.

The concept was born when the founder, an American living in China, was out shopping with several female friends who solicited his advice to help decide what to wear and purchase for an upcoming interview, date, and formal party. Recognizing that a large majority of women (and men) make what is arguably their most important daily decision based on unreliable advice suggested by spouses, friends, and salespeople, he decided to self-fund a clean and genuine advice giving platform that is free from ads, and keen on helping individuals “look good, feel good, and perform better.”

Features & Benefits:
 Hire genuine and affordable stylists for online beauty, style, fashion advice, personal shopping, gift finding
 Solicit free ratings and advice from fashion professionals and/or everyday people
 Have direct access to the worldwide fashion community (including China, which is unblocked)
 Read from a curated international collection of informative style and fashion blogs
 Utilize clickable web-links in post text driving traffic to one’s own website
 Customize displays by user type(s) and fashion category(ies) via user control, not forced machine control
 Enjoy a clean and authentic ad-free environment focused on style, fashion, and advice

About Wecare, Ltd.
Wecare, Ltd. was founded in March 2015 in Beijing, China. It is intent on identifying and launching new products that improve the lives of individuals in meaningful ways. This is the second of two released apps.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for a sample, copy or demo) or other comments or questions, please contact below or learn more at

Contact: Todd Okimoto Position: CEO Wecare, Ltd.
Location: Beijing, China
Phone: +86-151.1020.5292
Email: [email protected]
Skype: todd.okimoto
WeChat: tokimoto2
Weibo: 北京众爱
Instagram: lawoapp

Last updated 14 Aug 2017

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