Developer description

A new legal tech startup wants to disrupt the huge $300B legal industry. We've seen big players like LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer take on the legal market but there is a new company called, LawTrades, that wants to be a player as well. LawTrades is essentially ZocDoc for lawyers. It allows people and businesses to seamlessly find and hire from a vetted community of lawyers. Users can browse real-time availabilities, compare pricing and communicate securely directly from the platform.

The platform eradicates real world issues such as paying hefty retainer fees, driving across town to talk to a qualified lawyer and even losing on a matter simply because you don't have immediate access to the best lawyers for your exact legal issue.

LawTrades strives to make legal services seamless, intuitive and technology-driven. There’s a lot of confusion about how to connect with a lawyer and traditional law firms have had little incentive to explain. They try to cut through the clutter and guide people to the lawyer that’s right for them.

For businesses that want to stay competitive, traditional legal services is just too costly and time consuming. It looks like LawTrades has a head start in finally making the law affordable, accessible and transparent for all.

Lawyers also benefit by attracting new clients and gaining visibility in broader markets.

LawTrades is in public beta. The company, based in New York City, was started by Raad Ahmed after graduating law school. His mission is to use technology to make the law affordable, accessible and transparent.

Last updated 23 Apr 2014