Developer description

Lazy Bones is here to help you form consistent, positive habits in your daily life, so that you can accomplish your goals, stay healthy & have fun doing it!

Lazy Bones helps you set positive intentions for habits & tasks by allowing you compete control over how they appear in the app
- Cute, custom icons (updated periodically!)
- A wide variety of color palettes (updated periodically!)
- Free form notes
- Reminders
- Day segments (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Anytime)

Lazy Bones takes advantage of the latest Apple tech to provide a seamless experience
- 3D Touch for quick-add & other functions
- Haptics, so you can feel your way through the interface
- Sounds, for audio feedback & a fuller experience

Lazy Bones wants to keep you motivated & eager to form positive habits
Stats, so you can see how you’re doing at any time & set goals for yourself to push on!

Lazy Bones keeps your account in sync with our speedy database via offline sync, so you’ll never have to wait for your data, but it will be available on any supported device signed into your account! Anytime!
- Across any phone or tablet!

Last updated 25 May 2018

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