Developer description

Most habit apps are focused on post-habit stats tracking and leave the hardest part up to users to figure out – avoiding procrastination. For heavy procrastinators and high-friction habits, that's really hard to do, which is why LazyHabit is focused on solving the critical transition period BEFORE the habit.

LazyHabit provides a rich library of mini routines and customizations (music, text-to-speech, third-party apps) to help you smooth out frictions to your habit and avoid procrastination. Simple rituals like playing music, making a cup of coffee, preparing gym clothes beforehand, etc, help set the mood and snowball into momentum for the habit.

A dash of gamification also makes starting routine more stimulating as you can randomly find unique and collectible gems (and get you to open that habit notification, another friction to overcome).

Last updated 25 Jan 2019

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