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Published 13 Mar 2014

[cont'd] own student, teacher or tutor as well as other students and teachers from all around the world. It has built into a very large community of teachers, parents and students and has a mission to empower both educators and students into turning teaching and learning into an enjoyable experience for all. The app's systems and solutions have transformed teachers into facilitators of learning by empowering them with tools like multi-disciplinary interactive curriculum, templates and virtual labs as well as skill assessment programs and benchmarking services. Teachers can share up-to-date resources and upload or download the free educational resources of their choice whenever they want. They can also create public and private groups where they can discuss and share any topics privately or publicly as well as expanding their horizons by connecting with other teachers and students from all over the world and expand their network - not to mention their knowledge.
Learn Bazaar is one of the forerunners of the way that teaching will evolve in the future. It offers a 'social network with benefits' for students, teachers and parents with free study materials and tutorials and study groups and forums as well as the opportunity to have more direct contact between students and teachers. The app is not dissimilar in theory to Facebook - which has become a part of our lives since its inception - except that it's raisin d'être is to improve the learning resources available and make the learning experience a more pleasant...