Developer description

Scribe Cantonese is for the serious student who wants to learn Cantonese. If you want to learn a HUGE vocabulary of basic Cantonese words, complete with native speaker's pronunciation and shortcut methods for remembering similar-sounding words as well as the tones for each word, then this is the app - Scribe Cantonese.
- Master EVERY single popular Cantonese word
- Build the ultimate vocabulary, so you'll be able to understand everything in Hong Kong or Southern China
- Learn Cantonese by sound grouping, to optimise your brain's recall skills
- Cantonese words divided into hanzi school grade reading level, so you can match with your hanzi study as you go.
- Native speaker voices, so you'll sound like a local - like a Hong Kong guy or Hong Kong girl
- Example Cantonese phrases to help understand the native Cantonese meaning
- Jyutping readings romanisations
Scribe Cantonese has been intentionally designed to teach mastery of Chinese Cantonese vocabulary - you learn MANY common Hong Kong Cantonese words. Using a unique study method, words are remembered with related-sounding words, so that in real-life situations you are able to contextually select the correct word, even if you missed the tone.

Scribe Cantonese also includes numerous games using the same study deck, so no matter what game you feel like playing, your study picks up where you left off. You can study Cantonese YOUR way.


- 1800 of the most common Cantonese words.
- Full native audio spoken for every single word.
- 6 games: flashcards, multiple choice, tiles, listening flashcards, listening multiple choice, matchup.
- Tone markers + tone colors.
- Spaced-Repetition System that.. is simply incredible. When you get down into the deeper levels with thousands of words to remember, you'll be amazed at how accurately the right word comes along.
- Study Cantonese completely offline - no internet bandwidth used. Learn and study Cantonese anywhere - on the train, bus, on the way to work, sitting waiting, in coffee shops, on bed before dreaming Cantonese in your sleep.

Last updated 16 Jun 2013