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Learn Spanish with the #1 App for foreign language learning courses on Play Store - The World’s First Language Learning App on the iPad - Featured by Apple as Staff Favorites - #2 Position on the Education Category in the US** - Recommended by the New York Times and PC Magazine**
LEARN FAST! Put your new language to use today!
With Hello-Hello you can learn fast because it is:
- CONVENIENT: learn from your mobile device anytime, anywhere.
- EFFECTIVE: research-based innovative mobile immersion methodology that develops all skills you need at your own pace.
- RELEVANT: learn to communicate about real world topics.
- FUN: animated videos and interactive exercises. Learn what you actually need: 30 conversational lessons based on real-life situations designed to give you the ability to communicate and understand people from Lesson 1!
o BE SOCIAL: Introduce yourself and greet others, describe yourself, talk about your background, your profession, your family. Describe your hobbies, favorite music, cuisine, travels and more!
o TRAVEL: Learn to check into a hotel, go shopping, order food in a restaurant; ask for directions, use the internet at a café; ask for clarification when you do not understand something and much more!
Try before you buy! Hello-Hello Spanish comes with one free lesson and the option to upgrade and get all 30 lessons.
UNIQUE MOBILE IMMERSION Hello-Hello’s innovative Mobile Immersion methodology engages and encourages learners of all ages to acquire usable language skills quickly! Mobile Immersion creates a unique VIRTUAL environment that GUIDES the learner VISUALLY to develop FUNCTIONAL language skills.
Mobile immersion is:
- Virtual: Creates real-world animated situations in the new language.
- Guided: Builds new vocabulary and phrases to develop language skills.
- Visual: Conveys meaning with animation and game-like activities
- Functional: Develops the foundation for learners to put their new language skills to use in the real-world fast.
App features:
- RESEARCH-BASED METHODOLOGY: Developed in collaboration with ACTFL - The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, which is the largest and most respected association for language teachers and professionals. ACTFL's proficiency guidelines are followed by all major schools and universities in the U.S.
- LEARN TO COMMUNICATE: Learn to communicate effectively from LESSON 1! Hello-Hello offers 30 conversational lessons based on real-life situations rather then a collection of out-of-context words and phrases.
- INTERACTIVE ANIMATIONS AND COMIC STRIPS: Beautiful, fun animated lessons! Meet Paul, Mark and Ann! Follow them on a trip and have fun learning English!
- PRACTICE ALL SKILLS: Games and exercises to practice Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening skills!
- VOCABULARY BUILDING: Practice vocabulary with our innovative “Build Your Vocabulary” exercise where you can practice vocabulary in the context of a dialogue. Receive “WORD OF THE DAY” notifications to help you memorizing throughout the day.
ABOUT US Hello-Hello is an innovative language learning company that provides state-of the art mobile and online courses. Founded in 2009, Hello-Hello launched the world’s first language learning app for the iPad. The company’s first app was included in the limited 1,000-app Grand Opening of the iPad App Store in April 2010 and featured as an Apple Staff Favorite.
Our lessons were developed in collaboration with The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) which is the largest and most respected association for language teachers and professionals. With over 5 million learners worldwide, Hello-Hello apps are among the top selling language learning apps in the U.S. and internationally. Hello-Hello has over 100 apps teaching 13 different languages available on the iPad, iPhone, Android Devices, Blackberry Playbook and Kindle.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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