Developer description

Learning a new language is often on the top of New Year’s resolution list for a lot of people as the beginning of a New Year tends to be the perfect time to start realizing new plans and ideas. Wlingua is excited to help you achieve your goal of learning the second most spoken language in the US – Spanish – by taking a giant leap forward by releasing their Spanish learning App.
With more than 4 million users of the English app currently, this application will now welcome a wide range of new Wlinguers to its’ community. Wlingua offers both free and paid options and the Premium account offers the first month free. Learning a new language is not only a frequent New Year’s resolution but has outstanding benefits like boosting your career and your salary, it opens up a new world of opportunities, brings intellectual benefits and it has been proven to keep your brain healthy. Being aware of all that, Wlingua is now offering a great opportunity for anyone to learn Spanish at their own pace from any location in the world, following their personal schedule. The app also offers a number of unique and helpful features like its spaced repetitions method, vocabulary exercises with more than 9,000 words, recorded exercises, a full report on the student’s progress and much more.
With 420 lessons, the app covers all the content each skillful speaker of Spanish needs to know. The Spanish course is separated into 3 levels, which are the equivalent of studying 3 years in a language academy. The lessons are made to be simple and understandable with an appropriate level of difficulty for every learner.
The app offers all these great features in a beautifully designed display: Because of all its useful features, there is no doubt that with the Wlingua app anyone can fulfill their New Year’s resolution to become bilingual and start learning Spanish with comfort and ease! The app can be downloaded on Google Play or Apple Store

Last updated 24 Feb 2015