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Developer description

We'd like to introduce Learn the Alphabet with Naailde the Witch, the new free app to let preschoolers and kids attending primary school become familiar with the alphabet, in a new, amusing way.

The idea of creating an Alphabet was born after the critical and public acclaim met by our first app, the digital fairy tale "Naailde the Witch and the Elegant Guest". The protagonist, Naailde the Witch, won over so many young readers thanks to its clumsiness and her accidental congeniality, so we thought we could use that feature to create a new app that merged entertainment and education. And we wanted it to be available for free.

Each one of the letters has a clear font (with great care for the fact that the young students are still learning how to write and read) and has two dedicated animated pages. The first one describes the letter, while the second page focuses on a word that starts with that letter. The words are selected to catch kid's attention the imagination. The lively and colorful animation, the professional narrator's voice and the soundtrack do the rest!

Then we thought: the digital world is amazing, but creativity should find its tangible expression, too!
For this reason, we created and made available posters that reproduce the letters, the words and the characters met in the app, and the sheets with the single letters. They can all be downloaded for free and printed in high quality. This way, the playful educational activity can continue on paper, in classroom or at home.

Little artists will also love Color the alphabet with Naailde the Witch, coloring sheets with all the letters of the Alphabet, to fill with our little witch's colors... or any color desired!

Considering the purpose of this project, it would be nice if Learn the Alphabet with Naailde the Witch spread as much as possible, in households and schools.

And this is why we wrote this to you, hoping you might consider the idea of using it or just recommend it to the young students as educational support for home.

Last updated 27 Nov 2015

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