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Developer description

Monkey Junior provides one of the most comprehensive courses to teach children from 0-6 to learn to read. Each language curriculum has 15 courses, each course has around 70-80 lessons with a total of 1500 videos, 3000 images, 10000 audio files. We have courses in English (US) and English (UK), French and Spanish courses will be available in coming weeks. Our app covers hundreds of different topics ranging from body parts, common animals to occupations, sports and businesses.
Each word has at least 3 different high quality images, 4 sentences that are read with Karaoke style and videos that illustrate the meaning of the sentences. Every sentence is read by 3 different professional voice-over artists: a man voice, a woman voice and a child voice. At the end of each lesson, the child will be rewarded a sticker to encourage them to learn more. He can play around with the sticker to practice his shape recognition skill.
Our app is designed specifically for kids with a simple and straightforward UI. The mechanism that delivers the learning content to the child is colorful, interactive, and fun. Monkey Junior is developed by Early Start Co. As we specialize in early education, our motto is, “Education starts at birth”. We believe that education should be joyful and engaging.

Last updated 15 May 2015

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