Developer description

Learn Urdu is an educational application developed to educate non-Urdu speakers about the language. From this application, users can learn fundamentals of Urdu. We describe the most common elements of Urdu with audio to help the user in learning without difficulty. Tap on each word or sentence to hear the voice over. Familiarize yourself with day to day Urdu words and sentences using Learn Urdu. It has followings sections: Alphabets: Urdu alphabets. Numbers: Numbers in Urdu. Vocabulary: Basic words in Urdu. Common Sentences: Urdu translation of sentences used in daily life. Prepositions: The basic prepositions of Urdu that make up a sentence. Interrogative Articles: Urdu articles used for interrogation. Masculine Feminine: Different words for genders used in day to day Urdu. Personal Pronouns: The pronouns used in Urdu sentences. Nominal Sentences: Some Urdu sentences which are helpful in making general conversation. Download and Rate Learn Urdu now.

Last updated 24 Jan 2015