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The next generation of education games for our kids

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Learnia covers spelling and common core math for grade 1, 2, and 3.

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Editor's review

Published 23 Feb 2018

We've all heard how video games are potentially bad for our kids development. They spend too much time on them. They socially isolate them and stop them from getting the right amount of exercise. They're bad for their eyes. Someone even suggested that they can cause brain damage!!! However, I was reading an article recently that detailed the opposite side of the argument. It highlighted the positive side of educational games for kids and discussed how they could be used to improve a child's focus, help them with their problem solving skills and boost their creativity as well as reducing stress levels. I guess it all depends on the quality and suitability of the games that parents choose to share.

Learnia is one such game. For a start, this educational game for kids from age 4 upwards is designed especially for the very child friendly iPad platform. It features beautiful 3D worlds for kids to explore and learn while also having a lot of fun. Learnia teaches math and spelling grades from 1 to 3 - with math following the Common Core state standards - with hundreds of fun challenges, exercises and lectures inside the charming and often quite beautiful interface. The app is free to download and there are many free lessons inside with no subscription necessary and no annoying ads. However, there are in-App purchases available if parents wish to take it further than the basic model.

Rather than teachers or parents setting the schedule, Learnia is so much fun that kids will want to take charge of their own learning. They can explore and enjoy the exciting and welcoming 3D environment and will be drawn into the intelligent and well constructed learning activities inside. For all intents and purposes, the app looks just like one of the very popular video games that kids play regularly these days. However, rather than shooting fish or leaping over obstructions, Learnia presents a series of islands containing a years worth of math or spelling problems to solve. 

There's a path that wanders through each world with skill stones that need to be mastered in order to progress to the next. There's even a wise old owl called Waddle that will accompany them on their journey. Each skill stone contains three exercises and a challenge as well as the odd lecture while the houses on each island contain different cute animals that can be 'bought' with coins earned as exercises are completed. They can also pick up food for their animal friends on the way. The games encourage self-direction by allowing kids the choice of tackling the exercises or the challenge first up. 

Learnia offers up the next generation of kids educational games. It's aim is to engage kids with familiar 3D gaming graphics while encouraging them to learn along the way. As kids move through the game they will feel a sense of progression and accomplishment and can work their way through gold, silver and bronze levels while playing and learning. The game carries over 180 skill stones over the 7 different islands and also includes 140 exercises, plenty of interesting lectures and even a few reward games. 6 math lessons and 8 spelling lessons are free while additional ones can be paid for via in-app purchases. Learnia can be downloaded now for free for your iPad from the App Store. 


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