Developer description

It self-defines itself as a knowledge sharing community where members and visitors alike can watch lectures online as regards a wide variety of topics.
Creating a profile comes at no cost, and once you have taken care of that you can start creating your own playlists with these videos about the topics incumbent to you the most.
Usual features of community sites such as groups are taken into consideration, too. This way, you can streamline your stay on the site and interact with the ones that have more affinity with you, as well as coming across suitable videos more swiftly.
Moreover, if you deem yourself as knowledgeable you can become an online tutor and offer your assistance to others.
Another very interesting use: if you are going to show your presentation someplace, this site will give you a chance to have it discussed beforehand, and see how you could improve it.
As you can see, the site has enough features to accommodate users from all over the spectre. Chances are it will come in handy should you give it a try.

Last updated 9 Jul 2010