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Published 14 Oct 2011

I like the look of this accounting app for a number of reasons. Firstly it seems to take the middle ground between a simple invoicing and payment system and a more enterprise like package and gives a rounded but uncomplicated view of all the important information. Secondly it recognizes that most freelancers and startup businesses are rubbish at bookkeeping.

The fact that they’re rubbish at bookkeeping is the reason why apps like this have been developed. This one however recognizes that even with a decent app there is the potential for them to remain rubbish. Well forgetful at least. With ledgerble.com you can set reminders for anything so if you’ve forgotten to raise invoices for a couple of weeks you’ll get a gentle kick up the backside.

The two main areas of accounting are simply dealt with and invoices and expenses can be loaded without fuss. Bank account data can also be imported with the transactions then just needing allocating to the correct categories. If you’re out of the office on business you don’t have to worry about remembering expense details either. With a simple SMS message you can add a cab fare, lunch bill or office stationery receipt to the system.

From a reporting angle this app can make your bookkeeping look impressive. The main dashboard gives an overview of all areas letting you see at a glance how income and expenditure compare. From there you can access a reports section and please your friendly banker with a...