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Published 27 Apr 2012

Despite the fact that your Facebook and Twitter friends and followers' lists just keep growing the chances are that you really only react to the people closest in your group. While having hundreds of friends looks pretty good on paper, it's getting harder and harder to scroll through all the updates and photos which come from everyone from your closest friends to your Auntie Doris - who has just discovered social networking and is sharing her knitting patterns. Le Feed is a Facebook application with an intuitive and intelligent algorithm that sorts out the stuff you want to see from the people you interact with most. It also recommends new stuff based on your taste.
Le Feed is a Facebook application that learns what users want to see on their news feed and recommends new content based on their likes. It does this by using an artificial intelligence algorithm to learn what types of things you  want to see, which friends you are most interested in. Based on this and other data, LeFeed organizes your news feed tailored to your specific taste. You won't have to see lots of updates from school friends that you haven't seen for years and you certainly won't have to see Auntie Doris' knitting patterns if you don't want to. Besides this, it also provides constantly updated recommendations based on your likes, your friends' and close friends'  likes by using collaborative filtering techniques. So how does it work? Well...