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We enable companies to monitor their key metrics in real-time! We aggregate a company’s ... More

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Published 28 Oct 2011

Leftronic creates beautiful and powerful dashboards for your company's most important data. No matter whether you are tracking web engagement, user activity, server stats or, most importantly, sales you will be kept totally up-to-date. Leftronic is a very cool looking domain stats tool for Real-Time Metrics that gathers together allm
Leftronic's software makes it incredibly easy to deploy powerful dashboards to track the data that matters most and enables companies to monitor their key metrics in real-time! The user can aggregate a company’s metrics from numerous services like Google Analytics, Twitter and Zendesk and present them in a visually compelling manner. Customize your screen for your needs. Choose one of the templates or even put together your own dashboard with the  library of great looking and very beautiful visualizations. Whether you’re tracking where your users are, how your server is doing, or keeping a close eye on your top customer opportunities there is a specific template for your needs.  All the work is done by Leftronic so that you can be up and running with a few clicks.They also provide a super-simple Application Programming Interface to push custom metrics.When it’s all been set up it can be displayed on a large screen on a wall for the entire company to see.

Leftronic is one of those great apps that fill a hole in the market. They produce many different and powerful and attractive dashboards to track and display your analytical data and...