Developer description

Magnets , portals , walls , illusions and many more special functions bring the original pong game to a higher dimension.
These special functions can get activated by hitting falling objects with the pong ball .

PongBack is a challenging free mobile game ,the goal is to earn stars by winning levels . You win the level if you are the first one to get the endscore.

Quick reflexes are required if you want to make it to the legend stage ; as you complete more levels the game gets more difficult and intense.

● 96 Levels
● Magnets , Portals and much more !
● The game is free for download
● No purchases
● Available for a wide range of phones and tablets

Pong Back was made in 1 year by Awareless Indie Games
Contact for support / ideas / bugs / … : [email protected]

Have fun !

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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