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A group messaging app that would even make Don Draper proud

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Published 21 Aug 2015

[cont'd] and sharing the unique code with the relevant parties. These codes can be accessed directly from the app or by word of mouth. This, of course, means no more tricky or confusing phone numbers, emails or complicated messaging names to share. You can just click once to create a group or click again to join an existing one to join in the conversation. You'll soon see that Lemon is faster than all the other messaging apps on the market. It's especially good for things like sporting teams, parties and weddings where you want to keep everyone on the same page without divulging your phone number or private details. Rather than communicating by phone, email, Facebook or SMS, just get participants to use Lemon and you'll have everyone in the palm of your hand.

Trying to organize a bunch of people and keeping them informed has long been one of the great trials of communication. If you asked five people for their preferred mode of communication you can bet your life you'll get a mix of complicated mobile numbers, Facebook contacts, email addresses and there's usually one guy who uses an obscure messaging app with a confusing non de plume. There are so many ways of communicating these days. Lemon Group Messaging solves that problem with this straightforward and simple messaging app that is so easy to use that even your granny will master it in minutes. Lemon excels at communication and will keep...