Developer description

LemonBricks provides users in the United Kingdom with access to over 1 million property listings for sale and let. However, this is not what makes us special.

Our sole aim in life is to make property search as best as possible. We look at ways to incorporate the latest web technologies to enhance user experience as much as possible.

Map searching is fast and dynamic. List searching is clutter free. Users save interesting property into meaningful lists not just a generic 'favourites'. These lists can be shared on fb and twitter to show friends and family what new home they're looking to move into.

Sometimes, people want to search together, e.g. couples, friends, etc...We implemented a way for users to 'follow' each other so they can stay up to date with new property added to lists by their friends.

We look forward to releasing new features over the coming months!

Last updated 24 Nov 2012