Developer description

We wanted to help intermediate French language students around the world conquer verb conjugation. With this in mind, we launched a free French verb conjugation app - Les Verbes.

So why do we need yet another app on French verbs? Simple and gamified, Les Verbes provides short daily quizzes to test your knowledge and includes the 30 most common French verbs and the tenses necessary to converse fluently. This allows for a more natural approach to language learning.

Say goodbye to learning verb conjugation by rote, lists of thousands of verb conjugations (most of which a French language student will never use), and stumbling to find that right conjugation during your French conversation practice.

The app is not designed to replace French language classes. Instead, it is intended to supplement learning in group classes, private lessons or via videos etc to improve the fluidity of French conversations. It is also a good companion to more general French apps like Duolingo.

Les Verbes features:

* Take a short daily quiz to test your knowledge
* Track your weekly progress
* Daily reminders sent via push notification at a time you choose
* Choose which verbs you would like to revise from a list of over 30 verbs
* Choose from Past, Present and Future tenses (Passe Compose, Present, Futur Simple)

Les Verbes is free to download and does not include advertising.

With the app just released on the App Store, we are looking for feedback from users on what to include in future versions of the app (this will also include an Android release).

Last updated 23 Jul 2019