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Let It Cast is an international casting system used by leading film, TV and stage productions to ... More

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Published 23 Nov 2011

Apparently the inspiration for LetItCast was set many years ago when the director Stanley Kubrick was casting for his "Full Metal Jacket" movie and invited actors to send in their audition tapes to apply for the parts rather having an live audition. LetItCast is a casting and employment app used by the leading productions where you can submit your audition 'tape' and actually audition for the role.

Let It Cast is a casting system used by leading productions to enable talent submissions through the actual audition for the role. The goal is to favor the artistic expression of an actor's work over the traditional headshot and resume submission process. Let It Cast is used to cast main roles and is entirely free for talent and you can access it anytime and from anywhere. Every role is different, so why should you be submitting with a headshot or demo when what matters most is how you can interpret the role? Productions using Let It Cast allow you to directly audition. casting calls give you everything you need to prepare and have a synopsis, a presentation video and character descriptions - even of characters not being cast so that you know how to interact with them when they appear in your scene(s). They believe in quality over quantity and Let It Cast only works with leading productions offering interesting roles. All offers on Let It Cast are for paid work meeting or exceeding standard industry rates. Your Auditions page tells you...