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Published 2 Dec 2011

Getting together with a bunch of chums to buy a gift for one of the crowd is always a good idea. That is until it comes to crunch time and money has to change hands. People forget or suddenly don’t have the cash and you’re left holding the baby. If this scenario sounds familiar then you could make your life a whole lot easier by setting up a gift account with Let’s Gift It. This great looking app will take away the strain of getting everyone who committed to the cause to pay up. What’s more even if some of your friends didn’t originally commit you can still ask them for a contribution.

The idea is a simple one and makes good use of Facebook which is refreshing in itself. With a friend and a gift in mind you can set up the profile along with details of the gift and cost and then invite your friends to make a contribution until hopefully the goal is reached. Obviously if the gift is time sensitive you’ll need to factor that in and set a deadline date.

Contributions can be made by credit card and all of the funds are securely held in escrow by Authorize.net. Once the goal is reached Let’s Gift It make the purchase and ship it to wherever you stated in the original instructions. The site is keen to point out that they always try and sniff out the keenest price for the product in question...