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Lets Peer Edit ( is an online peer editing community. The website was created to provide a place for people to edit each other’s work and receive anonymous and unbiased feedback. There are many online communities dedicated to writing, so it is clear that a community for editing has great implications. Designed with teachers, students, and writers groups in mind, the website features private groups that can keep user submitted work away from public domain. This makes it very easy for teachers to create a group with their students and allow their kids to submit their work to discuss and edit one another's papers.
Another important aspect of the website in common with the educational theme is the guidelines that we have in place for effective feedback. Using a lot of ideas widely supported in the educational community, we have outlined an easy and very effective way for people to communicate changes to each other in the most beneficial manner. In addition to the private aspect of the website, users can easily submit their work to the public. This means that anyone can take advantage of submitting a paper and seeing what people have to say about it. The entire website emphasizes both discussion and editing to create insightful and helpful comments. The website includes a rich text editor to make editing as accessible and easy as possible. The editor also supports the use of the track changes feature in word which makes the process of editing someone else's paper as streamlined and easy as possible.
At Lets Peer Edit we are very hopeful that we can create an online community where people can receive great advice and interesting perspectives to improve their work. Everyone is welcome!

Last updated 7 Feb 2015

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