Developer description

“Let’s Settle It” is the fun new app that helps people locate restaurants while not revealing the name of the eatery until arrival. Let’s Settle It provides an innovative approach of settling the age old question "Where do you want to eat?"

Let’s Settle It allows you to search for restaurants (if desired, by type of cuisine) within a specified distance from your current location. The restaurant is selected randomly from the possibilities determined by your search choices and directs you to the restaurant via Google maps navigation. The name of the restaurant is displayed in a pop up box approximately one quarter mile from arrival with an announcement made upon arriving, adding a surprise to your outing experience. You will also have the ability to rate the restaurant with a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down. Once a restaurant is given a Thumbs Down it will be eliminated as an option in your future searches. Should you desire to add the restaurant back to as a potential choice, you can do so by changing your rating to a Thumbs Up.

Have fun and Bon Appetite!

Last updated 30 Aug 2015

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