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Developer description

Managing and remembering your grocery shopping is easier than ever before with Let's Shop - the exciting new gesture-based grocery shopping list manager!

With Let's Shop, you are just a few swipes away from your daily, weekly and monthly supermarket and general store groceries shopping list, with cute small icons that will let you recognize products without even reading their names! Whether it's bread, milk or eggs, Let's Shop has you covered! Want to use Let's Shop for custom shopping list? Simple just add custom products to your your list! You have the options to make custom items for any products you shop for!

Need to send your list to your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend or anyone stopping at the store? You can do that easily in a organized fashion easy to read! You MUST try this app TODAY!~

Shopping for groceries and day-to-day household goods at the local supermarket or store is easier than ever before with Let's Shop, a gesture based shopping list-maker!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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