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We are former servers, bussers, cooks, prep chefs, dishwashers, and bartenders. We paid our rent in college cleaning the hood vent, filling waters, dicing carrots, and not scraping the bottom of the pot (well, except that one time). We understand how difficult it is to run a restaurant, and we know that the money you spend on a website could be much better spent putting a second busser on the floor or replacing that old microwave in the kitchen.
This site was built to take the cost and guesswork out of making a website. With a few clicks, you can offer your customers a coupon, a printable to go menu, and driving directions to your restaurant. Instead of spending 5 minutes on the phone reciting today’s specials, you can tell customers to check out your website. Every restaurant needs a website and now every restaurant can have one.

Last updated 7 Jul 2010