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Developer description

Metrics is a platform for storing, visualizing, correlating and alerting for any and all of your time-series data. Whether you use commercial, open source or custom-built monitoring tools, with Metrics you can bring all of your monitoring data together in a unified hosted environment, helping you to detect signs of problems early, minimize their impact through automated actions, and quickly find and fix their root cause. Its ease of use and stunning graphs make it both easier and more fun to safeguard the availability and performance of your applications. Since Metrics was developed from the ground up as a platform with an “API’s first” approach, you can easily embed it in your SaaS or PaaS product to let your customers monitor their use of your services and possibly some of their own metrics. Product feature overview: - Collect data using our library of collectors and connectors to popular open source monitors - Add your own custom data collectors using our API’s - Redundant storage of all monitoring data - Visualization of real-time and historic data - Sampling intervals down to 1 second - Data retention over 1 year - Set thresholds to trigger alerts and tie them to service hooks (email, Campfire, PagerDuty, custom web hooks, etc..) - Custom graphs for correlation between data streams from different sources - Customizable dashboards - All product features accessible through RESTful API’s - Embeddable so you can let your users monitor their use of your services

Last updated 18 Jan 2012