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Published 11 Apr 2013

Data monitoring seems to have come of age over recent years, especially since the app revolution really took off.  Up until recent years, the fine art of analytics and monitoring was a rather turgid and time consuming experience that nobody really wanted to take on. But with analytical tools like Google Analytics, Convertable and now Librato to help you out, data monitoring and understanding the metrics that impact your business have become so much easier. Librato let's you measure everything you need in one place and keep all your applications running smoothly.
Librato provides a complete cloud-based solution for development and operations teams to  monitor and better understand the metrics that matter and those that have an impact on your business at all levels of the stack. It provides everything you need to visualize, analyze and take affirmative action on the metrics that matter to you. Leveraging their heritage in distributed systems and scalable web applications, the engineering team has built a resilient and scalable platform optimized for time series data analytics. This turns a complex problem into an simple and easy to use service that is brought together in a unified hosted environment and helps to detect signs of problems early, minimize their impact and quickly find and fix their root cause.  Just send Librato your data in any way that works best for you and in any resolution up to 5 seconds. The app supports dozens of collection and monitoring agents, language bindings and...