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Measure and react to all your metrics in a positive way

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Published 11 Apr 2013

[cont'd] command line tools and can handle every kind and any amount of data. You’re not limited by a set of predefined metrics and you're free to change what metrics you track at anytime. Librato  store your data redundantly for one year, scales on demand and thrives on big data with nothing to install.  They can transform and aggregate data in real time to give you the metrics you need to get the best possible insights. Metrics can be correlated with other metrics and annotated with one-time events such as custom instruments. Instruments can be combined in beautiful dashboards for display on any screen whether it be an iPad or a wall-mounted display. Instruments and dashboards are updated in real time, so you can quickly spot spikes, shifts, opportunities or performance issues and the intelligent alerting allows minimum/maximum thresholds to be set on any metric and seamlessly integrates with 3rd party services such as PagerDuty, OpsGenie, Email and custom WebHooks. Chart snapshots make it easy to collaborate with others in your team using existing collaboration environments such as Campfire and HipChat and shared dashboards make it possible to provide your entire organization with visibility into the data collected. Since Metrics was developed from the ground up as a platform with an “API’s first” approach, you can also embed it in your SaaS or PaaS product to let your customers monitor their use of your services and possibly some of their own metrics.
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