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Libserra is a Web 3.0 suite of event planning tools that combine web, mobile, e-commerce & ... More

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Published 21 Dec 2011

Well, is this the end for the duodecimal (Ed - he means 'Dewey Decimal' as pointed out by eagle-eyed Phil below) system I ask myself? Somehow, for big libraries I don't think so. But there is another system that would suit the smaller library.  Whether it is for personal use or for your business, LibSerra is a very powerful library tool that combines the strengths of the web, the mobile phone, social media and e-commerce.
Libserra is a suite of Web 3.0 applications that combine the strengths of web, mobile, social media and e-commerce. These applications have powerful uses in the library segment. Libserra offers these leading edge applications to libraries at affordable rates utilizing a Software-As-A-Service. Libraries interact totally over the web via a secure login. No software to install. It is easy to set up and get started. Libserra's powerful messaging feature enables libraries to send custom notifications over multiple channels including SMS, Twitter, email, Skype and many others. Libserra allows online renewal of books over mobile devices and social media applications. This provides convenience to patrons who can renew books online and enables a library to process more transactions. Libraries can now serve their patrons by answering questions over mobile devices using Libserra's Ask-A-Librarian mobile application. Libraries can allow patrons to discover the availability of books from their ILS to mobile devices using the Book Finder application.

The 2-way payment functionality over mobile devices and social media enables patrons to pay fines for late books. This improves convenience for patrons and provides libraries with a means of collecting fines easily. Libserra's state of the art Twitter, Facebook and mobile based fundraisers enable libraries to reach out to the community and raise funds quickly and effectively. It enables libraries to manage events e.g. book readings, meet-the-author sessions. Events can include tickets and manage ticket sales through Libserra.
Libserra is a new suite of tools for your library that utilizes a whole range of communication devices to run things smoothly. It's a very easy to use e-commerce tool that runs on the cloud computing infrastructure and is massively scalable with nothing to install. It's business reporting and analytics will give you all the research you need to run the library properly. Libserra really does carry all the tools to take your library to a new level and brings it in line with the 21st Century. While it may not signal the end of the duodecimal system per se it will definitely give it a good shake.


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