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LicenseQuote is a complete music licensing e-commerce solution which makes it easy for artists, ... More

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Published 23 Dec 2011

LicenseQuote is the missing link in the process that means that the independent musician can actually become totally independent. It's a licensing e-commerce solution for independent musicians, music publishers, music labels, catalogs and libraries that licenses compositions and recordings straight from their own website and enabling them to keep every last cent of sales revenues.
LicenseQuote is a music licensing e-commerce solution Software As A Service (SAAS) that provides a powerful array of publishing and licensing tools for music publishers to set up and manage their own branded licensing store on their own websites to facilitate licensing sales transactions directly with their existing and future customer base. LicenseQuote gives music publishers full-charge control over every possible license type and pricing scenario including advertising, radio, TV, video, film, sync, corporate, games, composition, sound recordings, web sites, music on hold and performance plus many more standard and unlimited custom-negotiated applications. Commercial licensing helps you generate more revenue from your catalog. Over a year publishers can earn $3-$4 for every dollar of retail sales to fans. With LicenseQuote publishers can easily setup a white label licensing store that includes a catalog, song previews, instant price quotes , advanced on-line negotiation mechanism, automated contract and invoice generation, billing, master files delivery, customer relations management and plenty more. Set up your store and start promoting and licensing your music today!
For years the humble musician has had to rely on setting up specific licensing
deals for their music and have generally been at the mercy of the publisher. LicenseQuote is a complete music publishing tool that puts the ball firmly back in the musicians' court and allows the whole music licensing thing to take place directly from their websites. What's more, the artist gets to keep 100% of the sales revenues. Of course, a deal that has the potential to put money in your pocket isn't free, but the many different pricing plans available make it a cost effective way of becoming truly independent from the music publishers of this world. Whatever your catalog size and budget, LicenseQuote's licensing store has a pricing plan to suit artists with 40 songs and libraries with 100,000 tracks and more and if you are quick you can try it for free.

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