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Turn all your important people, things, events and big dates into tickers! Name all of these ... More

Editor's review

Published 20 Nov 2012

We've featured plenty of fun applications at FeedMyApp in the past that let you organize your life a little bit better and never let you forget important events in your life. However, we haven't come across one quite as cool or unique as LifeTicker Pro. This simple time tracking and reminder application lets you create categorized 'tickers' or timed ticking clocks, to remind yourself or share with others, important dates in your life. Could come in useful so you don't forget your mother-in-law's birthday or your anniversary.
LifeTicker Pro turns all your important people, things, events and big dates into tickers! You can name or rename all of these tickers and edit them with pictures, put them into categories and organize all of them on your ticker’s list. You can change, rearrange, reset and share your reminder tickers and be absolutely confident that you will be reminded every time when you need any one of them! And if you really want to take things to extremes you can precisely remind  yourself and others of the exact moment and time of your birth. Just type in your exact birth figures (year / month / day / hours / minutes) into your LifeTicker Pro app, share it with your friends and everyone will know the exact time of your birthday. So what can you attach a ticker to? Well, there are obvious ones like your friends' and families'  birthdays and anniversaries, important business events like meetings, and deadlines, health stuff like dental and doctor's appointments, pap or prostate checks and even regularity of medications if you wish. Maybe you need to know when certain signed contracts are due to run out or you need to know when your bills are due.  You can add your own categories too and augment them with photos.
LifeTicker Pro is like your personal birthday and event reminder on your mobile that takes it one step further than most. This simple to use and attractive looking time tracking app let's you organize your life and never forget that important person's birthday - let me check it now...ah yes December 19th - and set the countdown and share it with your friends. Now I did think, for a while, that an improvement to this app would be the automatic sending out of an email to the birthday recipient. But then I figured that it's probably a little too clinical - interesting idea, though. It is a great way to keep track of all your birthdays and important events though, that's for sure.

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