Developer description

LightonZ is an Inspiration – Idea - Declaration recorder and editor that helps you improve your motivation. LightonZ helps you create the declaration that motivates you with the option of including multimedia.
Here are some of its features that helps you stay motivated no matter how harsh moments you are going through:
- Add your own motivational declarations. LightonZ's main purpose is to help you record your own affirmations or declarations and then play those for personal motivation purposes.
- Personalize & Edit your message. You can copy/paste text from your clipboard or write up the text using the app keyboard. You can easily modify the text size & its color to personalize the message.
- Use media. Each message can be further customized by adding multimedia items such as pictures and sounds. You can add images from your library or directly snap those from camera, load sound clips from the phone library or use a message recorded in your own voice to motivate yourself. -
Get motivated. Every LightonZ message recorded can be played over and over to keep you motivated. Once you play a message you can see if it needs further adjustments and easily do them if needed.
LightonZ is available for Android via Google Play ( ).

Last updated 18 Apr 2015