Developer description

LikaB aims to help people find a job or contract while keeping their flexibility and their freedom! We want to help shops and businesses find workers who are ready to work a few days a week, for a short contract or simply to help out from time to time!

LikaB aims to create quality relationships between the two parties through a simple and easy-to-use application available on the web, tablets, and phones. No need to spend time sending resumes or searching job sites for applications or applicants, LikaB does all the grunt work for you!

You want to work? Simply create an account and describe your interests, availabilities, and salary expectations. It is always free to use for workers!

You want to hire? Create a free account and create your offer in a few easy steps. LikaB takes care of sending it to workers in the community. If someone shows interest, you can unlock their profile for a few dollars and get in touch with them.

Last updated 26 Apr 2021

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