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Turn your Facebook updates, photos and memories into a real-life coffee table book

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My Likebook, my Facebook book… You liked it, share it, exchange it on Facebook, but do ... More

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Published 14 May 2013

It seems kind of ironic to even contemplate turning Facebook into a coffee table book. After all, the most successful social media experiment in history has effectively replaced paper in many cases - especially when it comes to photo sharing. But, how about if I said to you that you could have a beautiful coffee table book filled with all your status updates and photos from your Facebook history. Would you think I was mad? Well, that is exactly what Likebook is. You can have your Likebook - in soft or hard cover - delivered quickly to your door and see everything you were doing and feeling over the years - all taken directly from your Facebook archives.
Well, you may have liked it, shared it and exchanged it on Facebook but what do you do with all those treasured memories that you have shared over the years - some fantastic and some that could be rather embarrassing - once they have been published ? Do you remember exactly what you were doing over summer of 2009 and who your best friends were at the time? So, what if it was possible to print a book of your Facebook history to keep, archive and show to your friends and family? All this information remains on Facebook's servers and will eventually escape your memory. You never know, some of it might even be deleted by Mr Zuckerberg's team eventually and it will be gone forever.  With Likebook, you can preserve your story with this...