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Turn your Facebook updates, photos and memories into a real-life coffee table book

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Published 14 May 2013

[cont'd] unique record of your Facebook journey. Make sure you keep all the great moments of your life - even the small ones - and make sure that, rather than falling between the cracks, they regain their rightful place ... in the coffee table book in your hands. Do you prefer the feel of glossy paper or fine binding? Whatever your taste - thanks to the customization option - you can create a Likebook that suits your personality with your choice of cover photos and multiple colors. There are three different layouts and two contrasting types of covers available and, of course, you get to pick the book subject too.
There's no doubt about it, i can think of a number of people who would absolutely love their whole Facebook life put together in a book. There are one or two there that I would read in a flash and they would be hilarious. Likebook is a little like a paper version of Flipboard and has numerous ways of customizing your book. You can even preview the first chapters of your Likebook before ordering! Whether it is a birthday present, a gift to a loved one or just to keep a record of your life over the last few years. So, what is this all going to cost you, you may be asking? Well, you can order a copy of your 8"x10" (20x25ml) book for under ten bucks but for a full 500 page epic it could run to a little...