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Published 1 Feb 2013

[cont'd] spend an average of 41% of our online time searching, reading and filtering information. Most of it is stuff you aren't that interested in or haven't got the time for. While we all want to know that our friends are well and happy, sometimes daily well being updates can get a little too much. As I said earlier, if you have too many social media friends or followers, what started off as a pleasant social exercise could well turn into a full time job - just by having to scroll through the copious amounts of information that come your way. LikeHack is a useful social media organizer that cuts out the dross from your Facebook and Twitter feeds and let's you manage the interesting ones better. Curate them so that you can find all your tweets and feeds simply and easily later. Maybe it's time to simplify your feeds so you can concentrate on the ones that are most important to you with LikeHack.