Developer description

Lineapple easily hold your spot in line with your smartphone so you can GO
Lineapple allows the user the ability to find the businesses they are waiting at, get in line (whether the line/appointment is position based or time based) and then give them discounts to the stores and events in the waiting area. When the business owner is ready for the user to return Lineapple will begin a timer on their phone (the business owner can set amount of time preferably 1-5 min). This model allows users to take advantage of potential lost time and advertisers the ability to attract more clients. Lineapple falls into a new industry we term ‘environmental networking’ (app to mortar) that focuses on allowing people to interact with their physical environment.

Lineapple is increasing the efficiency of waiting in line in New York City and beyond. It allows businesses and individuals to create lines digitally, survey local line wait times, and “line up” or check into lines remotely. People who sign up for a line can track their progress via their smartphone while accomplishing other tasks in the neighborhood. They also receive special “wait deals” from Lineapple from affiliated businesses while they wait.

Because Lineapple was designed with small businesses and individuals in mind - it is user friendly and versatile. It is applicable in any setting where a sudden need for organizing services arises. For example, an executive organizing applicants at a job fair, and a vendor filling orders at a farmer’s market would both be able to establish lines to meet their needs within minutes all from their smartphone.

This App could be the saving grace of busy New Yorkers trying to outsmart the Sunday Brunch crowd or simply accelerate the pace of a true multi-tasker…

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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