Developer description

LingoM8 is your second voice abroad! LingoM8 is a the most practical, complete and well-structured offline speaking phrasebook available, and functions as your second voice while traveling abroad, whether on holiday, a business trip or to study. You don’t need to speak the foreign language for making useful conversation, just let LingoM8 talk for you. LingoM8 PRO contains over 3500 spoken words, phrases and questions spread over 74 different categories and is growing with every update!
What makes LingoM8 so special?
1) LingoM8 is developed with the user perspective in mind. We asked ourselves one important question. Which words, phrases and questions are really useful and relevant in various situations abroad? With this question constantly in mind LingoM8 has become the most practical, complete and well-structured offline speaking phrasebook on the market. To make it even better in the future we ask LingoM8 users to send us words, phrases and questions that they would like be added to the APP. This way LingoM8 gets better and better with every update.
2) “Quick Search” option for fast and easy conversation! Besides the well structured layout of LingoM8 you also have access to a “Quick Search” option which lets you search the complete database on English words, or part of an English word. LingoM8 then displays all the words, phrases and questions which contains these words or part of these words. If you select a line the Italian translation is immediately spoken.
3) Highest quality STUDIO WAV vocal recordings at 44100 Hz converted to 256 kbps MP3 for optimized playback on smartphones! All vocals are recorded in studio quality and optimized for playing back on smartphones. NO text to speech engines are used but actual REAL vocal recordings. This give the best quality audio together with the correct emotion for every specific situation. These superb quality recordings can never be equaled with low quality text to speech engines who lack emotion and have a sample quality at only 22100 hz which is half the quality of our recordings.
4) No Internet Connection Required! Complete Offline access. The usefulness for our end users is our main focus and we know it is hard or expensive sometimes to get an internet connection abroad but with LingoM8 you don’t need an internet connection after you have purchased the PRO version. The complete spoken phrasebook is installed local on you smartphone.
How does LingoM8 work? You are traveling to another country but you don’t speak the language spoken in the foreign country. Despite the fact you don’t speak the language you want to make some useful conversation while traveling. Just download LingoM8, get the PRO version and you are all set for making useful conversation abroad. For instance, you want to go to a restaurant in Italy and would like to reserve a table for tonight and off course order something to drink and to eat You launch LingoM8 on your smartphone and due to the practical and well-structured design you can access all the words, phrases and questions you need for making conversation in a restaurant fast and easy with a few clicks.
For the restaurant in this example you have access to the following phrases in the following situations
1. Making a reservation
2. Arriving at the restaurant
3. Ordering something to drink
4. Ordering something to eat
5. Expressing your likes and dislikes
6. Making Payments You select the right situation you are in and let LingoM8 speak for you as you select the word, phrase or question of your choice.
Different categories for various situations
1 – Language Essentials Small Talk & Socializing Greetings Numbers Dates, Days & Months Seasons & Weather Italian Alphabet Asking & Telling The Time
2 – Getting Around In Italy
At the airport
1 – Checking in
2 – Customs
3 – On The Airplane
At The Train station
1 – Buying Tickets
2 – Departure & Arrival Times
3 – On The Train
4 – Missing The Train
At The Hotel
1 – Making A Reservation
2 – Checking In
3 – Asking Information
4 – Talking About Problems
5 – Checking Out At The Tourist Office Visisting Different Places Getting Directions Talking About Internet Getting A Taxi Taking the bus Renting a Car Parking Your Car
At the gas station
At the bank
At the Post Office
3 – Eating Out Or Getting A Drink
At the restaurant
1 – Making reservations
2 – Arriving at the restaurant
3 – Ordering something to drink
4 – Ordering something to eat
5 – Expressing your likes and dislikes
6 – Making payments
At the Bar
4 – Sport & Leisure Entertainment & Going Out Camping
At The Beach
At The Swimming Pool
At The Gym
Sailing Winter Sports Ball Games Museums & Galleries
5 –Shopping Asking General Questions Different Stores At the Supermarket At the Market Buying Clothes & Shoes At The Gift Shop
6 – Visiting Italy for business Appointments
7 – Emergency Situations During Emergencies Accidents Emergency Services Health Personal information Talking To The Police Lost Property Car Trouble
At The Garage

Last updated 30 Mar 2015