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Developer description

LingosMio is a language-learning platform where you can learn a language fast and with ease! What makes LingosMio different? We believe that languages are a thought process and it’s important to understand that thought process in order to be fluent in the language. People try to memorise, which is the reason most people give up on learning languages very quickly. When you learnt Mathematics did you memorise the result of each and every multiplication or did you learn how the multiplication was done? Similarly you need to understand the root of each word and how to use the words to make sentences on your own.
The courses at LingosMio are created with this mindset. At present LingosMio has courses in Spanish, English, Hindi and Mandarin Chinese. Most language learners have a problem taking part in a conversation. At LingosMio the most important thing in the courses is the accent on conversational skills and the actual use of the language. The courses have a great focus on speaking and listening skills, which is not something you find in other language programs.

Last updated 15 Apr 2015