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Developer description

Lingualia isn’t just a social network for learning languages and meeting people from all over the world to practise with, it’s a revolutionary new way to learn languages. Introducing Lingu – your made-to-measure teacher.
Lingu is based on artificial intelligence which means he can automatically personalise each and every course to suit the student’s level across a variety of disciplines, their free time, and their motivation.

The motivacion and requirements of every language learner vary dramatically, as does the rate of progression and understanding.
That's why we have developed Lingu, a virtual teacher, programmed with artificial intelligence, tailored to each student, with the ability to analyse all aspects of their learning capacities to create a personalised course for each student.

At Lingualia, the student isn't forced to adapt to the course; the course adapts to the student. This way, students' motivation increases and they achieve a much faster progress with a lot less effort.

Last updated 4 Apr 2013

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