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In its most basic form, Linkcious is a contextual replacement for Facebook Social Plugins with ... More

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Published 21 Aug 2012

It's always a good sign when doing research work on an app to find it mentioned (in a good way, I might add) in lots of different posts. It appears that Linkcious is a rather popular social media monitoring application. So why is it so popular? Well, when you strip it right back, Linkcious is a contextual replacement for Facebook Social Plugins but with the option to add other social networks like Twitter and Pinterest. This means that the app will gather together and track all the relevant clicks, impressions and social interactions and places them on your web page.
In its most basic form, Linkcious finds related products from domains chosen by you and places them on your web pages. It could be described as a contextual replacement for Facebook Social Plugins but with the option to add on Twitter and Pinterest buttons. Linkcious is an automated and very accurate set of tools that make it really easy for you to show related links on your website. Whats more, content is sorted contextually and shown on your webpages with links selected that are based on keyword relevance, clicks, impressions and social interactions. This means that it is much better and more accurate than Facebook Social plugins such as Activity Feed and Recommendations. Linkcious helps sites pick out related pages that are the most relevant, increasing page views and conversions and your related links show the optional social elements under each recommended link.  If the user is running a commerce store, for example, the products being pulled out is eerily accurately. Users will also be able to track their results and there are lots of customization features to suit different needs.
The aim of Linkcious, according to the developers, is to convert links that are relevant to your product and then turn them in to text ads. The way it does this is by analyzing your social interactions on your social networks and finding similar relevant content and showing them on your own site. All this information is, of course, totally analyzable. This aggregation leads to more page views and hopefully, more business. Well, that's how it works and, judging by the plaudits of the web pages I viewed, Linkcious is well liked.

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