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Published 1 May 2012

While Facebook and Twitter continue to fly the flags for the most popular social networks after hours it's Linkedin that is proving to be the big gun during working hours - and it is only going to get bigger. Just in case you have been living under a rock for the last few years, Linkedin is THE professional social network that serves as your personal assistant during working hours. Linkedin for iPad is a totally free and newly designed member of the Linkedin family that follows on from iPhone, Android and Mobile Web versions and takes full advantage of iPad's Multiple-touch and brand new Retina display. And, by utilizing elements proven very successful for Facebook, Twitter and the glorious visuals of Flipboard, Linkedin has moved up a notch on the social networking ladder.
The new Linkedin experience re-imagines this top-notch professional social network for iPad, taking full advantage of Multi-touch and the new Retina display and aspires to be the place where every professional comes throughout the day to gather important business intelligence and insights. It has been handcrafted to provide the most engaging experience for iPad users by shining a spotlight on the essential information they need throughout the day. Imagine having one place where you can get all the info you need about who you’re meeting with that day, trending topics as well as timely news that is impacting your industry. Find out who has changed jobs and see what your coworkers are sharing, liking and commenting on. If you look on the desks of the colleagues around you you will know that it's the smartphone and iPad that professionals are turning to more and more to manage their day and arrange their meetings.  Linkedin fully understands this and, so you know exactly who you are meeting with, it can sync with your device calendar to incorporate rich Linkedin profile data about each attendee. Learn about things you have in common with the people you are about to meet, like common connections,  work experiences and the schools they may have attended. Your professional dashboard also contains all of the features you’ve come to enjoy on other Linkedin mobile products – updates, news, groups, who’s viewed my profile, your LinkedIn profile, search, Inbox and much more.
When it comes right down to it Linkedin is probably the most efficient social network of them all and this release for iPad will launch them higher and higher on the networking ladder. One of it's anomalies in the past has been that, of it's 150 million members worldwide, only a third of them log in daily whereas for Facebook users the figure is half.  With the development of Linkedin's mobile platforms last year and now the introduction of this much more social  iPad version those figures can only go up. Let's face it, if your bosses see you using Facebook in the office they aren't going to be too pleased, but Linkedin is another story completely. Here is a best in class, free and very comprehensive social and business app that is impossible to beat right now.

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