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Linker is a Chrome extension which allows to send links to frequent contacts directly from ... More

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Published 7 Mar 2014

I know that we've said it heaps of times before but there are really two types of great apps out there in appland. There's the all-encompassing multi faceted app that will astound you with its packload of features and then there are the apps which really only have a single function - but, boy they do it well. Linker fits into the second of those two categories. Linker is an extension tool for Chrome that lets you send links to your friends with just a click of a button rather than cutting and pasting into emails or social media.
Imagine that you are surfing the net and you see something that you know a friend would be interested in. You will probably cut and paste the link into your Facebook page or email it to them - not only time consuming but also a tad clumsy. You might be able to click the Facebook or Twitter logo and share that way but that means all of your social media friends are going to see it when you are just meaning to share it with one friend. Can you be bothered? It's a lot of fuss for one article. The is an easier way... Linker is a Chrome extension - which allows you to send links to frequent contacts directly from your browser toolbar with just one click. Once you have entered an email address it is stored in your contacts list and you won't have to enter it...