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Published 7 Mar 2014

[cont'd] again. Just click on it the next time you want to send a link. This beautifully organized and very user-friendly tool let's you easily browse, search and resend any of your sent or received links and, last but not least, Linker will notify you when your links are opened by the intended receiver.
Linker, quite simply, makes the whole process of link sharing between close friends and frequent contacts more convenient, faster, easier and a hell of a lot of fun. It also takes away that 'can I be bothered' attitude because you can share anything with just a single click so you don't have to go through the rigmarole of opening your email account or logging onto Facebook or Twitter - just hit the button, assign the link to your friends' email address and away you go. It's as simple as that. Now, we've all tried out various different types of similar extension apps before, I'm sure. The thing is, Linker seems to do it better than most. Once you've entered an email address it is stored forever - making it a one-click operation. It's also a bonus that all links are stored -meaning that it's easy to resend it to someone else later without having to go hunting for it again. Whether it is a serious article of news or a frivolous piece of gossip, Linker lets you get your message across to your contacts in a flash.