Developer description

Linkly is an outbound link tracking tool with features such as turning any link into a tracking link and converting complex URLs into simple, elegant, and branded links with redirects, retargeting and more. The Target and Redirect feature redirects visitors based on their geography or device, and can automatically add advertising retargeting code. Linkly keeps a detailed account of the traffic that is sent to third-parties and every link that is created with Linkly is tracked which enables users to seamlessly generate reports with charts, graphs, and more.

Linkly helps you do click tracking, branded link shortening, mobile app redirection, location based redirects, A/B link rotation, retargeting/remarketing, link cloaking, shortening of mailto links and more.

With Linkly's on-site Javascript snippet, you can also automatically linkify text, adding links to specific words and phrases across your site, and automatic link replacement, allowing you to instantly replace links across your site with Linkly's smart links.

Linkly is relevant to agencies, affiliates, advertisers, and publishers. Users can seamlessly collaborate with their team members on the platform and invite clients and partners into their workspace to share links and reports.

Last updated 25 Oct 2019

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