Developer description

How many times have you sent hundreds of resumes out but no one returns?
Linkr is a revolutionary social networking app enabling 10x more efficiency to help achieve your goal!
Linkr team believes the best way to help you is through job referring!

We design Linkr for,
1.Job seekers
Linkr is the most efficient app to allow you find job referrals. Linkr helps you build up a network of your close friends and their friends. Unlike other traditional social network platforms which focus on posting, we designed the app to help you get referred by your connections!

2.Recruiters or referrals
Linkr helps you find the qualified candidates through efficient communication between you and job seekers.

How do we achieve the above goals?

1.For 10x more Efficiency
Linkr enables you to communicate with not only your friends, but also their direct connections. With this multiple plus scaling circle, you are able to hunt jobs, build business relationships with 10x more efficiency.

2.For Trust Connections
Seek help from the network you trust. Referred by your connections, you are gaining 10x more odds to win the opportunity.

3.For Professionals
Linkr focuses on building a network for professionals. We design for and only for professionals.

4. For Privacy
Linkr believes privacy is fundamental to you. We extend your circle but not with the cost of privacy. We will not disclose your connections.You are connected to your professional community only when you want to be.

Linkr: Link better, Advance further.

Last updated 6 Dec 2014

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