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Published 22 Jul 2012

I have just been reading the Malcolm Gladwell book "Outliers" which talks about the lengths that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs went to in their pursuit to learn all things computer back in the seventies and eighties. They were lucky. These days, the computer is thought of in the same way as the brain, it seems - the rule has been that you don't mess with it. But it's not quite so daunting as it appears. Linux Academy is a cloud-based learning application that offers interactive video courses to discover all you need to know about the Linux operating system and learn how to easily rebuild your server from scratch. While it may not make you into the next Gates or Jobs, learning with the Linux Academy opens up job opportunities as well as giving you a better understanding of the way your computer operates.
Linux Academy provides interactive step by step video courses for hobbyists or professionals that will take a newbie to a pro over the next few months. It provides 49 different video lessons all with PDF course notes to guide you through the process. The Academy starts out with an introduction to the Linux server and builds from there. The Linux Academy allows you to interact with a real Linux lab environment, giving you the ability to play, learn and follow lessons on actual Linux servers. You could boot up your server, start following a lesson (or just play for fun) and delete the file system. It takes nothing more than two clicks to delete your server and re-build one from scratch. Anyone in the IT field can learn to manage or interact with Linux servers and you will receive your own real server to work on, run web apps, test your code, play around and learn how to host your own website or app. The average salary of Linux administrators is US$70,000/year!
Just in case you aren't aware, Linux is simply a computer operating system that handles web serving, networking for small or large corporations as well as offices and homes, databases and desktops and, basically, if you've surfed the web, you've used it. 60% of all websites are run on an Open Source program called Apache which is mostly run on Linux. It's used because it is stable, secure, robust, has great storage capacity and is flexible and effective.  And, by offering 1-on-1 help, is ideal for newbies as well as the more experienced and allows you to view courses while getting practical experience on your own server. Linux Academy gives amateurs and professionals a chance to increase their familiarity with the Linux system to enhance job prospects or to give them the ability to get to know their computer a little more up close and personal.

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