Developer description

ListFromText by Engiweb Ltd turns any text into useful lists.

Load input text. choose extractors, see the extracted lists in a filterable and sortable datatable and export it.

Step 1 - Load Input
To begin, add text to be processed. This can be done by typing or pasting text on the textarea, or by uploading a file in any major text format.

Step 2 - Choose extractors
Extractors are located on the sidebar. To select one, click on the switch.
You can select multiple extractors by clicking on the "Check all extractors" switch.
When one or more extractors have been selected, the "Extract" button will become active. click on it to run the extraction.

Step 3 - Export output
If the extractors found data, a datatable will show up, giving you the possibility to sort and filter each column separately.

You can copy the datatable in csv format by clicking on the icon .

You can also export the data in different formats (only plain text for free users) by clicking on the icon .

Free vs PRO version
The Free version of ListFromText has limited features but unlimited output lines as the PRO version. For more info, check the pricing section here.

Last updated 11 Aug 2020

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