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Published 17 Jul 2019

[cont'd] it's a very user-friendly, lean, mean machine that is really quick and is best for downloading and organizing web data. However, the feature that most users seem to love the most is the web scraper Chrome extension tool. When installed and signed in to Chrome, it's easy to gather all the online data that you see. 

You might think that Listly would suffer in comparison with similar web scraping tools because of its lean features but, while it is simple and quick to use, it certainly doesn't lack in automation or productivity. With a little more advanced functionality, you can use schedule automation, click automation and proxy IP etc as an effective online web scraper.

For a while there, web scraping was considered illegal. These days, the only possible issue lies with terms of contract but even that has had enforceability issues over the years. So, what we have is an app that gathers mass data garnering everything from sales leads to real estate listings to price comparisons. If it's a list and it's out there, Listly will gobble it up. It will scrape data from single or multiple pages and it will do it quickly and cleanly. Quite simply, the insights gained from this well organized web app turns data into business opportunities. There are plenty of web scraping apps out there but very few that are as fast and efficient as